Co-creation Session: Add your Tool to the Toolbox

Would you, as an educational professional at a Dutch higher education institution, like to help create new tools? If you have a teaching or learning activity and a corresponding assessment method, related to societal transitions and one of the IDGs, that you would like to add to the Transition Makers Toolbox, this session is for you!

It could be a tool that is new to you that you want to start using in your education practice or a tool that you are already familiar with and would like to share in and/or further develop for the Transition Makers Toolbox.

Please note that it is important to know the source of the tool and to have permission to share the tool in the Toolbox. This guarantees a key characteristic of our Toolbox: the material we will share in the Toolbox is open source. This means that the tools we end up sharing will be accessible for anyone to use, redistribute and modify at no cost. The material will therefore be made available with a Creative Commons license, which excludes commercial reuse.

As a co-creator of the Transition Makers Toolbox, you will…

  • help create new, and collect existing, high-quality transition-focused teaching materials, ranging from learning objectives to test forms;
  • be a part of a lively community of practice with educators from different disciplines across four universities, who bring different experiences, perspectives and knowledge;
  • be able to learn from and with each other: sharing ‘good practices’ and taking part in training courses;
  • build expertise in education that focuses on shaping societal transitions;
  • contribute to a cultural shift within higher education towards more education that is in direct connection with stakeholders in society.

The first Toolbox co-creation session is on 14 November from 1 – 5 pm; the follow-up is on 16 January 2025 from 1 – 5 pm. Both sessions are held on-site in Utrecht.

Do you want to participate and become part of our Transition Makers community? Complete the online form and we’ll be in touch.