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Connect with our lively community of practice with teachers and educational developers across 7 higher education institutions in the Netherlands and discover how you can become part of the IDG Dutch Higher Education Hub.

Debby Gerritsen
Curriculum Developer at Instituut voor Interdisciplinaire Studies - UvA (IIS)
University of Amsterdam

I am passionate about innovative interdisciplinary education, especially if it empowers students to develop skills they can use in their future careers when dealing with societal transitions. Our inner compass is a great guide towards change for good.

Caspar Schoevaars
Policy adviser
Utrecht University

Whilst creating Exchanging Perspectives,  I worked for the Centre for Unusual Collaborations and as an integration expert for the Da Vinci Master course. Now, I work in the Interdisciplinary Education programme at Utrecht University. Exchanging Perspectives introduces students to new ways of working that open their attitudes to approaches that are not their own.

Ulrike Scholtes
Teacher and coach
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam & Institute of Arts Maastricht (Zuyd)

In addition to being a lecturer of the honours course “Feeling Science” and “The Body as Sensitive Research Instrument”, I coach art students in their artistic research process. In my research and teaching in arts and science, I work with body awareness as a skill to do research and engage otherwise with different kinds of worlds.

Roos de Jonge
Educational department
UMC Utrecht

I started as an advisor on patient involvement in medical education at the Faculty of Medicine, but my role has been slightly changed to developing education with and around patients. A lot of education is challenge-based and involves the community.

Janneke de Ruiter
Programme leader for the interdisciplinary Leadership programme
Utrecht University

In the extracurricular honours programme at Master’s level, I work with students from diverse backgrounds in terms of experience, personality, field of expertise, gender and nationality. When students dare to be open to other perspectives and truly be vulnerable and reflective, they are able to develop themselves and grow into the future leaders we need.

Karolina Doughty
Assistant Professor in the Cultural Geography group
Wageningen University & Research

I am a human geographer focusing on interactions between place and wellbeing, with a particular interest in soundscapes and emplaced sonic practices and experiences. My research utilises qualitative, ethnographic and audio-visual modes of enquiry. I have published widely on topics such as therapeutic landscapes, geographies of sound and everyday mobilities.

Siebren Teule
Teacher at the Liberal Arts & Sciences programme
Utrecht University

Academic education often assumes that students already have an open and learning mindset, while this is very much a capability that they need to develop. Especially when students are asked to be vulnerable and embrace feedback on their personal development. Positive Gossiping grants students an opportunity to reflect on their personal development.  

Timothy Bland
Teacher at the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme and Policy advisor on interdisciplinary education
Utrecht University

We have much more knowledge than our cognition can grasp. I am committed to incorporating more types of knowledge into education and increasing self-awareness. For example, affective knowledge. Affect is a way of communicating feeling to each other, it resonates and people can pick up on this – like feeling the atmosphere in a room.

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