Maria Garcia Alvarez

Together with my coworkers, I developed the 4E model, which integrates elements of Design Thinking and Theory U, to shape the journey of our students. We believe that in a VUCA (Volatile/Uncertain/Complex/ Ambiguous) and BANI (Brittle/Anxious/Non-linear/Incomprehensible) world, we have the responsibility to help our students understand the dimensions of awareness and move to new perspectives. 

The tool contributes to the IDG ‘Complex awareness’. 

, moving away from analytical thinking to systems thinking.

Throughout the years, the Value Creators team (www.valuecreators-whc.com) of the Global Project and Change Management programme at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences has developed a board game that uses the 4E model to address complex and wicked questions with students and different stakeholders. 

If you are interested in the board game, extra training or more information, please contact us at mf.garcia-alvarez@windesheim.nl.