Experiencing Interdisciplinarity

Making connections for integration of multidisciplinary into interdisciplinary knowledge

From multidisciplinary knowledge to interdisciplinary knowledge: students learn to integrate knowledge from different disciplines and thereby identify connecting themes and theories. They create a mind map from different disciplinary perspectives on a real-life example and reflect on where they find connections between disciplines.

Interdisciplinary approaches encourage students to develop a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the subject matter. Many real-world problems and challenges do not fit neatly into one academic discipline. Interdisciplinary education equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle complex, multifaceted problems effectively. This prepares them for careers that require creative and adaptable problem-solving. 

This tool invites students to step into an interdisciplinary perspective and exchange with peers while discovering the power of connecting disciplines. 

Learning outcome 

  • The student is able to integrate insights from different perspectives