Positive Reframing

Reframing from negative to positive for an optimistic attitude towards meaningful change

Optimism helps find the common ground for collaboration, uniting divergent groups with the hope that our collective efforts will achieve beneficial environmental outcomes. We advocate for greater use of optimism in the communication of environmental science to rebalance our negative communication culture, a transition that may well inspire greater public engagement with environmental solutions. Although we often need a dose of reality to shock us into awareness of a problem, it cannot be denied that success stories can inspire people and bridge the gap between problem and solution (McAfee et al., 2019).

Our mental attitude affects how we interpret events, and we may have varying levels of optimism. While we may have a habit of interpreting events pessimistically, it is possible to unlearn this and develop a more optimistic mindset. This tool will teach students how to reframe their interpretation of transition-related topics into a positive mindset.

Learning outcome

  • The student is able to sustain and communicate a sense of hope, a positive attitude and confidence in the possibility of meaningful change