Cultivating our inner life and developing and deepening our relationship to our thoughts, feelings and body help us be present, intentional and non-reactive when we face complexity.

Inner Compass

The student is able to display and act responsible and committed to inner values and purposes relating to the good of the whole.

Poetic Motivations Purposeful Storytelling

Integrity and Authenticity

The student is able to act authentically with sincerity, honesty and integrity.

Openness and Learning Mindset

The student is able to display openness and curiosity by a willingness to be vulnerable and embrace change and growth.

Exchanging Perspectives Intervision on Inner Development Positive Gossiping


The student is able to reflect on own thoughts, feelings, desires, self-image and ability to regulate oneself.

The Superhero in Me Body Awareness


The student is able to be in the here and now, without judgement and in a state of open-ended presence.

Inside-Outside Presence