Inclusive Decision-Making

Embracing every voice during sustainable decision-making

Inclusive Decision-Making introduces a transformative approach to group decision-making that respects and utilises the diverse perspectives within a group.

Rooted in the Lewis Method (Lewis, 2013), this tool equips students to guide team collaborations effectively, ensuring every voice is heard. The activity builds upon the principles of deep democracy, a strategy designed by Myrna and Greg Lewis as a method for group decision-making where both the majority and minority have control over the decision-making process. 

Through interactive discussions and tailored exercises, students learn to navigate group dynamics, acknowledge minority viewpoints and work towards inclusive, sustainable decisions.

By recognising the pitfalls of ‘groupthink’ and hierarchy (Kramer, 2009), the activity aims to foster an environment where every idea is valued, and every student feels included. This proactive strategy not only enhances decision-making but also strengthens the group’s collective potential, empowering students to contribute openly and constructively. 

Learning outcome

  • The student is able to apply an inclusive mindset and engage in democratic dialogue to facilitate decision-making processes